v0.0.1-beta.129 Jun 2022

Introducing the first beta version of Scene. It has got a ton of features and (hopefully) only a handful of bugs. Alphas are supposed to get early feedback. So, they can improve in design, performance and everywhere else before they make the final splashdown into the market. Hoping for some constructive and brutal feedback from all early adopters! Let's get going.

🎬 Recorder

  • Scene is 80% its recorder. The recorder lives in the menu bar and lets you slip into recording your screencast in a jiffy.
  • Frame your face bubble by right click-ing on it. There's 🌺 flowers, 🌿 leaves and ❄️ snow. With more coming in soon.
  • React with emojis by hovering over your face bubble. There's a ton of emojis for when something worked in your screencast or when some build broke in your screencast! Of course, you can configure keyboard shortcuts for your favourite emojis too!
  • Paint the screen with the pencil box. There are a handful of ink colours to choose from. Annotations help explain better.
  • Want just you over a beautiful backdrop? There's a recording canvas that does just that. Great for recording introduction videos!
  • All-out support for Touch Bar. Do what you do, without your cursor dancing around the screen.
  • Rain confetti of different types across the screen with simple keyboard shortcuts.

☁️ Cloud

  • Scene Cloud is the best place for all your Scenes.
  • Upload as you record. Parallel chunk uploads let us render a Scene instantly. Instantly.
  • The cloud automagically generates thumbnails for your Scene along with rich transcriptions.
  • Chapters lets you easily mark points of interest in your Scenes. See Chapters right on the cloud.
  • Good screencasts must be shared. Just flip the visibility switch to public and anybody with the link can watch your Scene. Embed it on your blogs, or find it richly indexed on Google.
  • Analytics complete the feedback loop of your scenes. Understand how well they are working out with views. Of course, there's going to be a lot more of detailed analytics in the coming versions.