No More ****

Stop creating mediocre screencasts and start recording, editing and sharing your best work on Scene.


Screencasts that feel just right.


Giant impact, tiny effort.

Screencasts are fun when you are in them. Place your face bubble on the screen and hit record! Talk about your topic. Pause and have some water. Come back to where you left off. We don't want this to feel like a boring lecture. React with emojis. Draw on the screen. Talk on beautiful canvas backdrops. And of course, throw confetti across the screen. Ingredients for wonderful screencasts, eh.


Gone are those days of scribing through your video trying to find the timestamps of interest. With a single tap, organize your Scene into chapters so it's easy to go from one interest to the next β€” goodbye fuss.

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What post production?

Scenes ship instantly. No more creating compositions or waiting for rendering. You get post production videos without any post production. It's very cool.


For the love of frames

Feeling festive? Choose a frame for your face bubble!

Paint the screen

Want to annotate over your screen to explain something? Or doodle a noodle because it's fun? Good. Because Scene comes with a pencil box.


Customizable shortcuts

Record, pause, react, throw confetti and much more using our smart shortcuts.


Click Press Touch

All your controls also comfortably sit on your Touch Bar. A strip of OLED glass just for you is very functional.

Hide Desktop Icons

A clean desktop for real

Don't wanna show the world how messy your desktop is? There's a switch to clean it for you, automagically.

Good backdrops built-in

Sometimes, you want to take the centre stage. Scene has awesome backdrops that cover your screen and bring the attention on you.

Wait, there's more.


Scene Cloud

The best place for all your Scenes

Slick sharing

Send your Scenes out into the world with just a flip of a switch and share the link with your friends, family and enemies. Scenes are also richly embeddable in your blogs, Notion and everywhere else!

Metadata madness

Every time you create a Scene, we create thumbnails at points of interests and seek previews for every second of your Scene at the back. All this metadata is used to craft the best user experience there is.

See what you say

Scene Cloud intelligently identifies your language and creates onscreen captions with your voice. This helps your viewers see what you are saying and tap any word to seek to there. A fully-indexed Scene helps kick SEO up a notch. Win-win-super-win.

Airs to the cloud

Scene airs your recording to the cloud in the background so its ready as soon as you stop recording. No anxiety-causing indefinite "uploading" spinners. Just ready. Really ready. It's magic in the air.

Introducing Scene
Installing Scene
Scene on the Cloud
Exploring Scene

Stamp chapters

Chapters let viewers navigate video segments like chapters in a book, which can help them engage more deeply with your Scene.

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Introducing Scene!

Well on the ranks

Make your Scenes as viral as COVID-19 (yikes). With on-point rich meta tags, enjoy great rankings and rich previews across the World Wide Web without lifting a finger!

Explore the manual β†’

Scene is currently available for macOS inΒ private beta.

If you want to apply for early access, Please fill this form.

It takes a great deal of efforts to build an app. To make those pixels dance. To make all tiny parts inside work together like clockwork. So it is simple for you. And that's the point. It should be simple for you. Simple is magic. Creating simple is magic. It should just work. Trust me, behind "it should just work", there's gigantic work. If this app helped you in some way, I get an A for the effort. And that's all I ever want! ❀️